Buy with Confidence under the Ford Certified Pre Owned Program

Many buyers shy away from purchasing a pre-owned vehicle for fear of unwanted surprises after driving the vehicle off the lot. In order to ease these fears, Ford developed a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program. The program reassures buyers, not through empty promises, but a thorough inspection before the Ford vehicle is offered in Vista, CA.

To meet the definition of Certified Pre Owned, every Ford vehicle must undergo a 172 point inspection of the engine, power train, exterior, and interior. Qualified Ford technicians will perform each inspection at our dealership near Carlsbad.

After the purchase, Ford stands by its program with a comprehensive extended warranty. The inspection process is impressive as it goes through more areas and in greater detail than a private owner could possibly conduct. When you browse through our Certified Pre-Owned Ford inventory, it will be hard for you to tell that these models are not new!

Vehicle History

The long inspection process begins with paperwork, which includes reviews of:

  • Vehicle history
  • Recall information
  • Emissions reports
  • Maintenance history

Road Test

The technicians watch, listen, and feel the vehicle through a thorough road test to determine its condition. The engine is required to start quickly and idle properly. It must shift smoothly and without undue hesitation. The tech listens for engine noise to determine possible internal problems. Handling responsiveness is monitored, and the brakes are tested for integrity. The road test includes operation at both high speeds and low speeds around Oceanside.


Visual and other inspections are performed in a 22-part check of the exterior. Signs of rust or prior collision damage are checked. Each door, window, trunk, and hood are checked for proper operation, alignment, and integrity. This includes testing the trunk or lift-gate gas struts. Headlights, taillights, directional signals are tested for proper operation as well as the condition of light housings. Window glass is inspected for cracks, or chips and the moldings are inspected to ensure they are still in good condition.


The comprehensive inspection continues on 51 different points of the interior. Upholstery and trim are checked for tears, rips, and stains. Carpet and cargo netting must also pass inspection. Mechanical functions on things such as door locks, window controls, and the steering column are checked. Electronic functions on the dash, instrument cluster, and warning chimes must function properly. Radios, infotainment systems, USB outlets, and power outlets are also tested, along with interior lighting elements.

Engine, Powertrain and Other Areas

This may be the most important area of the certified pre-owned inspection process, and 34 different components are inspected and tested. This process begins with a computer diagnostic check to determine if any engine components are not working. All fluids are checked, including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and even the washer fluid. The technician pays attention to the color and consistency to each type of fluid, and checks for leaks. Wiring is inspected for corrosion, breaks, and bad connections. Alternators, batteries and starters will be tested with electronic testing equipment.


Suspension components, including shocks, struts ball joints, and steering components are inspected. Brakes, rotors, and drums are checked along with an inspection for leaks in the hydraulic system. Universal and CV joints are inspected for play. The overall undercarriage is inspected for rust or undue structural stress.


Ford is so confident in its Certified Pre Owned program that a 12 month/12,000 comprehensive warranty covers over 1,000 areas. An extended 7 year/100,000 warranty covers the engine and power train.

Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Ford Vehicle

At our dealership, you will find a variety of Certified Pre-Owned Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs. This includes models like the C-Max Energi, F-150, Fusion, and Edge. When looking for a lightly used Ford near Escondido, speak to us at North County Ford and discuss the Certified Pre-Owned program with us. And while we explain it to you in-depth, we'll have you take a used Ford or two for a test drive.