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A dying car battery can cause you a lot of trouble and headaches. It will prevent you from starting your car and inconveniently leave you stuck at home or somewhere away from home. The best way to deal with a dying car battery is to visit North County Ford in Carlsbad and replace it before it completely dies. Here are some signs you need to get a new car battery at our Escondido area service center.

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Corroded Terminals

There are several causes of car battery terminal corrosion. One of the leading causes is the age of your battery. If you notice your old car battery has corroded terminals, you should bring your car to our Ford service center in Carlsbad. Corroded terminals can prevent your car from starting normally and cause damage to other electrical components. In addition, corroded battery terminals can cause problems with the onboard computer and infotainment system.


You may not realize it, but vibrations can shorten the lifespan of your battery. Vibration is one of the leading causes of premature car battery failure. When you get a new battery at our service center, our Ford service technicians will prevent your battery from vibrating by making sure it is properly secure with a clamping device.


Symptoms of an Old Car Battery

Problems with your car's battery can occur without warning, especially if the battery is older than five years. There are many signs that you need to get a new car battery at our service center in Escondido. These signs include:

  • The check engine light flashes
  • Dim headlights and interior lights
  • Clicking sounds when turning the key in the ignition

If you notice problems with your car's battery, you can get it serviced at our Ford dealership. You can schedule a service appointment for a day and time that is convenient for you. You'll also find plenty of money-saving service specials on our website.